Teeth Whitening Programs

At Forum Dental, we know how important it is for you to have a smile that is healthy and bright!  If your teeth have become discolored, teeth whitening may be a great option for you!  We’re very excited to be able to offer custom whitening programs, because everyone deserves to have a smile they are proud of.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs Whitening with Store-bought Products

Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene regimen is key to achieving and maintaining a bright smile, but there are many things can affect the color of your teeth including smoking or drinking dark colored sodas, teas, coffees and even eating dark colored fruit. 

While you can acheive a whiter smile with store-bought products and over the counter remedies, our professional teeth whitening services can help you achieve a whiter smile almost immediately; store-brought products would need to be used consistently over time to reach the same results due to lower potency.  At Forum Dental, our professional whitening services are tailored to fit only your teeth, which ensures a more even and brighter smile!  


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